New Sessions for 2020


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For Year  7 (11-12yrs)  -4 Week programme 3-4pm

Starts 14th May and weekly thereafter

A NEW service for those advancing into puberty looking for some extra emotional health support during lockdown. A safe place to come and share emotions in an online group with other like minded children.

Book in advance.  Max group size of 6



Paws b

Years 5/6 (10-11yrs) -6 Week programme 3-4pm

Starts 13th May and weekly thereafter

A gentle introduction to mindfulness for primary age children who would like to feel supported and lean more about coping with wobbly feelings.

Book in advance.  Max group size of 6

Learn about the benefits of Mindfulness including testimonials on our home/fb page

and Find out More on the Misp (Mindfulness in Schools Project) web page:



4 week course -£80 (INTRODUCTORY PRICE)

Each workshop will include 1hr of  .Breath Mindfulness curricula for teenagers.

Paws b

6 week course-£120

Each workshop will include 1hr of Paws b Mindfulness curricula for primary school children. 

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching

1hr 15 min session-£40 per (1hr workshop with 15min parent download call to follow)

(Price of first session includes initial planning phone call to discuss how Mindfulmeschool can help)

1:1 Mindfulness Coaching package

5 x 1hr 15 min sessions - £180 (1hr workshop with 15min parent download call to follow)

In this package a bespoke plan is created for the child to learn an alternative approach to situations with a calm and hopeful attitude.  Most importantly we will help your child develop a brand new reset button - an essential and portable skill to use when growing up in the modern world.

 Paws b 1:1 Mindfulness Coaching

6 x 1hr 15 min sessions-£180 (1hr workshop with 15min download call to follow)

The Paws b curricula taught independently for children who work best 1:1

Panda Posts

6 x electronic posts-£30

A new way to stay in touch and up to date (for children who have completed the Paws b course)

For further information and how to secure a place on any of the above, please click the "Booking" button below.

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