A bit about me

Welcome! My name is Jenny Havery and I am the founder of Mindfulmeschool.  I love alternative medicine and self help support and have always wanted to teach little ones (becoming a Chartered Surveyor was accidental!) and as my third child started school in September 2017 I took the opportunity to change my career course and retrain in the areas that I am most excited and passionate about: meditation and mindfulness.

In 2016 I successfully completed an 8 week mindfulness course with York MBSR and haven't looked back. The course has encouraged me to develop my own meditation practice each day (which I wouldn't miss!) and I find the practice so fruitful I continue to meet with my group and our practitioner for monthly graduate practice and additional guidance to advance my learning and insight. For me these past few years have been a life changing experience with so many benefits; particularly when managing anxiety or a worrisome mind and I have chosen to specialise as a children's mindfulness coach to help our young minds cultivate this skill for themselves. I have completed the  "Paws b" training course with MiSP London (Mindfulness in Schools Project) to broaden my understanding in order to be able to do this and this has led to private mindfulness coaching for those looking to receive extra emotional support on their growth journey . 

My aim is to support children in their learning by helping them to weave mindfullness learning techniques into their everyday activities. 

"Mindfulness is a skill and an approach to living which can deepen our sense of wellbeing and fulfilment" MiSP 2017

Essentially mindfulness involves being aware of how our bodies physically feel, of how we are interacting with the environment and what our thoughts are saying to us. It is connecting to the breath and using it as a bridge to allow the mind and body to work in sync. Often our bodies are in one place and our minds are somewhere else! In our busy lives (children included), our 'mind chatter' means we get lost in our thoughts and find it hard to stay focussed and fully present in the moment. The impact of this is this is that; we don't embrace all our experiences fully and we operate on auto pilot (mindlessly going about out daily lives)!! By identifying and promoting the mindfulness skill through breathing practices and other techniques, we can avoid 'binge thinking' and enjoy the benefits of; clarity of purpose, a playful attitude, creativity and inner peace.

Of course we expect our children to be living in a happy and joyful state with little to worry about, but as they get older the pressures of homework, exams, friendship dynamics and now COVID 19 can all take their toll and become difficult to cope with. Mindfulness at a young age may be a child's first foray into understanding how we react when the world is testing us and pushing our buttons! Mindfulmeschool is here to help children remain calm and in control, hopeful and positive.

You can find me on the MiSP website:, click "bring mindfulness to your school" and scroll down to locate a Paws b Teacher. 


Collingham, Wetherby, UK