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My name is Jenny Havery and I am the founder of Mindfulmeschool. 

I used mindfulness to find my way out of a muddy mindset and I can help you do the same.

 I am a mindfulness coach working hard to help others "notice themselves" .....my job is to be the "go to" contact for anyone looking for extra emotional support in their lives.


Whether it be, stress, grief, a broken relationship...I'm here to help.

I have worked with all age groups: young children, teens, students, front line workers and many stressed out parents!


Working online, I actively listen,  share my knowledge and tools and help people find their way.

 I haven't always known this stuff.....

My new role (I was previously a chartered surveyor!) began in 2016 after taking an an 8 week mindfulness course. 

I loved the themes and theories involved in being mindful and managed to successfully turn around a particularly challenging phase in my life.

It was truly life changing!

The course encouraged me to change old outdated and unproductive ways of thinking and  to develop my own meditation practice each day.


In 2017 I decided to go on to train as a mindfulness teacher and completed the "Paws b" training course with MiSP London (Mindfulness in Schools Project) and am now fully trained to offer this curriculum in a school setting. 

 For children in particular the pressures of growing up, exams, friendship dynamics and now COVID 19 can all take their toll and become difficult to cope with.  My work helps children remain calm and in control, hopeful and positive......


 My clients tell me this work is vital for shifting the metal health landscape for future generations. I totally agree.


I now work with children adults and evolved business' on a weekly basis offering wellbeing support for an optimal work/school life balance. I provide a safe space to download and discuss the setbacks, to work through helpful tools and develop a plan that works.


Can you Help?

As at APR 2021

I am ICF (International Coaching Federation ) training and am looking for new clients and offering a great summer package: 

5 x 1 hr coaching sessions for the price of 4! All ages. All walks of life. Pro Bono hrs available for NHS referrals.


What does Mindfulness do?

Essentially mindfulness involves being aware of how our bodies physically feel, of how we are interacting with the environment and what our thoughts are saying to us.

The problem:


Often our bodies are in one place and our minds are somewhere else! In our busy lives, our 'mind chatter' means we get lost in our thoughts and find it hard to stay focussed and fully present. The impact of this is this is that we operate on auto pilot (mindlessly going about our daily lives) and not plugged into ourselves.

Mindfulness mentoring and coaching with Mindfulmeschool can bring you back to yourself x

*You can find me on the MiSP website: mindfulnessinschools.org, click "bring mindfulness to your school" and scroll down to locate a Paws b Teacher.