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Each week I send news to you (look for "sign me up" above.. for your copy) "Do Not Disturb" is published every Tuesday @12.30 (ish!). It's my weekly check in and opportunity to share ideas and thoughts on hot topics. The purpose is  to offer a dedicated space to illustrate the befits of mindfulness.

Weekly Tips on how mindful living can support you and you family. A place to learn something, uncover  patterns in your mindset and outdated modes of conduct . Each week I use these tools, I talk about them with my clients (young and old) and we make positive change through talk therapy.

Here you will find easy to follow guidance on how mindfulness can offer you ways of being and opportunities to think differently.

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2023 Preview/Wellness Support May 2023

This week...Details about


 Coaching for Kids! Its back by popular demand and something I'm very excited to offer.

A place for similar age children to come and share set backs/issues/problems/fears with other like minded people and road test mindfulness tools together.



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