Parent of Year 3 Pupil

August 25, 2019

Jenny helped my daughter is more ways than I ever imagined. The original reason for the sessions turned out to be the tip of an iceberg.

Through carefully guided sessions, Jenny unlocked what my daughter was thinking and feeling. This helped her and us, as parents to understand those feelings and most importantly why she was thinking that way.

I can’t recommend Jenny enough.

What’s more, my daughter loved going!!

Parent of year 4 Pupil

June 18, 2019

Jenny came recommended to me by a trusted friend, and as I looked at her offerings I was excited to enrol my 9 year old into a course of 4 x 1to1 sessions. I believe that mindfulness is such an undervalued skill in mainstream education, and I wanted my daughter to have access to the skill particularly since her life in school is increasingly demanding as she moves up the school. Jenny is wonderful! Professional but warm, she made my daughter comfortable and built trust and rapport quickly. She has taught her skills and helped to bring out worries and anxieties in a safe space. She took care to update me comprehensively and honestly so that there was a team approach to my daughter's learning. I'll be enrolling my daughter in a group class to follow-on and would 100% recommend Jenny and her services to any other parents who want to gift their children this important skill. Thank you Jenny, a great experience!

Parent of Year 8 Pupil

March 19, 2019

As a long time sufferer of worry and anxiety and various phobias over the years I wish I had found somebody like Jenny to help me years (and years!) ago.

When our daughter developed emetophobia and generalised anxiety we decided to get her the help she needs sooner rather than later so that she can manage her fears and cope with them better.

Since she has been having one to ones with Jenny we have seen considerable improvement. She is happier, more confident and now has a growing ‘tool kit’ of mindfulness and breathing techniques to help her through her tricky times. Jenny is warm, calm, friendly and easy to talk to. Our daughter loves her sessions and looks forward to them.

Mummy of Year 3 Pupil

July 18, 2019

I found Jenny and her wonderful Mindfulme School through my mum on FB. She is currently working with my eldest who is 7.
Jenny is calm, compassionate, fun, and patient. They talk, meditate and work on breathing techniques and other coping and prevention strategies .
We practise mindfulness at home but sometimes you need a bit more support or just someone different to talk to. They have one on one sessions once a week and it makes me happy for my son to have a confidant who can help sort through and dive into his worries/struggles outside his family and school settings.

Mummy of Year 5 Pupil

December 16, 2017

Thank you so much. The sessions are having a really positive impact in Hannah’s behaviour. For a child that has difficulty identifying her emotions this course has given her the tools she needs to recognise when anxiety is building. I know that she has used the meditation exercises at school over the last two weeks. She normally struggles with events outside school and suffers from anxiety and headaches that escalate in to ful blown melt downs when she comes home. However, her teacher told me that she used the finger excercises when they visited another school for choir practise last week. She picked up on the changes that she felt in her body and used the tools you gave her independently! 

Mummy of Year 4 Pupil

July 10, 2018

Our daughter has thoroughly enjoyed taking part in the Pawsb course. She has been eager to attend each week and she has been able to use the techniques that she has learnt. In particular it has been a great benefit for her to focus on herself, her thoughts, ideas and feelings and reflect on how she can equip herself to a happy , well balanced person when she is faced with challenging situations. She has learnt how to keep calm and take control of situations that she may have found stressful. She has also enjoyed making new friends and being able to discuss real life situations with them.


Mummy of Year 4 Pupil

July 06, 2018

My 8 year old daughter did a Mindfulness taster session and enjoyed it so much that she wanted to do the 6 weeks Paws B course with Jenny. The techniques and tools she's learned have been very helpful to her, and we can clearly see a difference in how she handles different situations. The Meditation techniques and the Calm Jar have been particular favourites and she wants to continue to do Mindfulness with Jenny. We're looking forward to more Mindfulness!


Thank you.

Mummy of year 6 Pupil

January 01, 2018

The paws mindfulness workshop came at the perfect time for my pre-teen daughter. They have so much to contend with at that age with School and with their physical and social development. The course has been very effective in helping my daughter learn techniques she could use when feeling anxious or nervous or even upset. These tangible tools have enabled her to keep her mind and body calm in stressful situations, allowing her to get through them successfully where she would previously have felt stuck. My daughter didn’t have any prior expectations going into the class, mindfulness was a new concept to us, however Jenny led the discussions in a way the put the children at ease so that they engaged with the subject and really enjoyed the class. It helped for them to realise that they were not alone, but in fact many children (and adults) can often feel stressed and anxious.  My daughter applied her new techniques from the first lesson straight away and found that they helped her, so she was keen to return and learn more. She uses one of the breathing techniques every night to help her fall asleep. Generally she seems a lot happier.



Thank you

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